Empowering Change Via Expertise-as-a-Service
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Expertise-as-a-Service Expertise-as-a-Service Advisory Consulting Leadership, Skills & Organization Development Performance Management & Measurement Expert IT practitioners that have the knowledge and skills you need ... On demand
Get tactical, strategic, operational and functional IT advice from practicing experts
Get consultants from a vetted network of world-class practitioners
Get benchmarking, IT assessments and other metrics to help IT run more efficiently and at a lower cost
Get leadership and executive coaching from Fortune 100 CIOs
TAC Expertise-as-a-Service® (EaaS™) delivers faster, better and more affordable access to the information, advice, and professional development your IT organization needs. The hallmark of EaaS is its vetted network of hundreds of practicing Experts with more than 20 years of experience and real-world success credentials in our four solution segments. TAC EaaS does away with restrictions on the use of information. You own the work we do for you.

Get Expert Advice Access World-Class Consultants Get Benchmarking and Other Metrics Find a Mentor/Coach

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